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Calvin Denson is an author and founder of Denson Books.  Denson Books was established through the gifts and talents in writing God has given him to write.  His first book, Audumn is what started him on this path and believing in himself has given him the ability to be an author of nine books and still counting.  His mother, Janice Boswell also played a big part in his success.  Being a teacher and his number one fan, she made sure he didn’t give up and made sure he knew that he could be whatever it is he wanted to be.   Including an author.  It is her smile in Heaven that keeps him pushing towards the finish line of success.  And it’s also her smile in Heaven that makes him tell the world that God is real.  Enjoy the website and he prays that someday everyone in the world will get a chance to read a Denson Book.

Thanks for browsing and be blessed.

The wait is over.  Mommy Has Eyes in the Back of Her Head is out and it’s a fun read and very entertaining; I couldn’t put the book down.

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I’m Erielle! Did you know mommy has eyes in the back of her head? She sees and knows everything! Don’t believe me? Come with me and I’ll show you!

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