The Perfect 8

Colt McCown resides in Hillebrandt, Texas with friends Daryl and L-Dogg where they compete in rodeos as the Hillebrandt Boys.

Things begin to shift in their lives when the tie-down calf ropers Daryl and L-Dogg and the bull rider Colt, meet a girl barrel racer named Danni Green.

Colt has been taught by his dad and Uncle June Bug all about the sport of rodea since his birth, and he calls himself the Perfect 8 since that is what he always achieves to win.

But sometimes things don’t go as planned, and Colt may need to make some changes to capture the 2023 Bar-N-Bar Fall Buckles Series Championship title.

That is, if bull rider Jimmy St Julian doesn’t have anything to say about it first.

Mommy Has Eyes in the Back of Her Head

Come meet Erielle! Erielle knows that mommy has eyes in the back of her head. No matter what happens, she sees and knows everything. Don’t believe it? Join Erielle for the day and she will show you!

Jeff The Janitor

“Achoo! Achoo!” Alle’s sneezing like there’s no tomorrow and her cousin Khloe and classmate E.J. are giving her the heads up on germs and how she can spread them to others. Hearing how Alle has the sniffles and how the other students are trying to explain germs to her, Ms. Boswell sees the opportunity to read the book, “Jeff the Janitor.” 

Jeff the Janitor is the perfect story to help Ms. Boswell teach her class about germs. In the book, Jeff the Janitor explains what is germs and how not to get germs and how not to spread germs. Hopefully, after today’s story time, Ms. Boswell can close the book knowing her students understand germs, how they can affect us and how they’re present everywhere in our everyday lives.

Audumn's Love

Laughter, love, sex, marriage, pain and heartache. You name it and you’ll find it within the pages of Audumn’s Love.

The year is 2012 and the month is December. Despite Audumn’s shortcomings in the previous years in her past relationship with her ex- Tree, she has managed to find true love in the arms of her fiance, Secorion Woodson.

With school almost over and prepare for her wedding, Audumn’s spirits are high with where her life is headed after graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Science. Her dreams of becoming a verinarian in honor of her late dog, Lady, seems within her grasp after she said, “I do.” That is, until her mother’s health said something different the day after her wedding.

Life paused on that day for Audumn. Not only for her, but also for her husband, family, friends, and the fetuses she’s carrying. Her heart is heavy as she juggles being married, pregnant and a full time caretaker to her mother. Will she stand strong in the Lord when looking death in the eyes? Or will she fold to the pressure constantly building up around her? Nonetheless, her love is Audumn’s Love and in order for that love to exist, one can’t forget about the Tree that lies dead in the center of her pastures. Torrance Wingate, Jr. aka Tree.

My Dad Says "YES!"

Life is good in the eyes of little Henry and for the most of it, it’s good because Henry’s dad is awesome and always spends quality time with him. Yes, moms are cool too but, in this book, little Henry is going to let the world know that his dad loves him and he shows it by saying, “Yes!”


Redd The School Bus Driver

Lunch is over and the kids can’t wait to see and hear what book their teacher Ms. Boswell will read to them today during story time. All of the kids love story time on the alphabet mat because their teacher makes reading interesting and she always gets her students involved when reading the stories.

JaNi’ leads the way from the lunch room to the classroom, Emmanuel holds the door and Khloe retrieves the book, Redd the School Bus Driver off of the bookshelf. Bus safety is very important in school and lately their school Kujawa Elementary has been having trouble when it comes to following the bus safety rules. Therefore, Ms. Boswell chose one of her favorite books to help assist her in teaching bus safety and in doing so, the book will make reading fun just like reading should be.

Bad Luck Felix

It is the first day of school and Khloe is in class missing her mommy. Ms. Boswell is the teacher and she knows from past experience that reading is the perfect answer to little boys and girls having a bad day at school.

Bad Luck Felix is the book that she gets off her classroom bookshelf because it never lets her down. Not wanting to give away the story, she decides to only tell her class that the book that she is about to read is about a Truck Driver who has bad luck from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep.

Why Me?

Ms. Boswell’s students are at recess and all the kids are having fun. That is, until E.J. wants to play tag with some of his classmates and pushes Emmanuel down to the ground after he’s told he has to wait for the next game. Bullying is something that’s not tolerated at Kujawa Elementary and is definitely not tolerated in Ms. Boswell’s class.


Back in class, it’s story time but before their teacher can pick out a book to read on the alphabet mat, Emmanuel finds the courage to tell the teacher how E.J.’s been picking on him in school. Knowing the affects that bullying have on kids, Ms. Boswell goes to her bookshelf and pulls out, “Why Me?” to help explain to her class how bullying makes the person getting bullied feel. Hopefully, after the story is read, this will be the last day E.J. will bully anyone again.


One would think that a pastor of a church would no doubt enter the pearly gates of heaven. That is, until Pastor Grace dies and has to stand before Jesus, not prepared to give an account for his life’s deeds. He thinks he is okay because of the fl ourishing ministry he pastored while alive, but Jesus knows the truth because he is the truth and sentences Pastor Grace to Hades/Sheol.

Troughout Hades, Pastor Grace must learn to survive the dark souls he attracts while on the quest to find Sharia (the path to the watery place). Queen Jezebel, King Azzazel, Dagon the Demon, the Great Leviathan, and creatures that don’t exist in the natural world anymore are just a few he’s up against.

His days are numbered with the price on his head for cold water in the midst of hellish temperatures. During his journey, he comes to realize that even though he didn’t make it into heaven, he is still going to preach the gospel the way Jesus ordained him to. That is, if Satan doesn’t have anything to say about it first.

Tree: In Life Seasons Do Change

Torrance Wingate Jr. aka Tree, is a man after Audumn’s heart. Tree loves Audumn but his poor decision making has always tested their love throughout the years. It isn’t until he receives a letter from Audumn in the Texas Department of Criminal Justices (TDCJ) that he realizes he is about to lose the one person that has always put a smile on his face.

Change is evident as he sits behind bars examining his short comings from the time he started to stray off the path in which his parents have laid out for him. Along his journey to find himself, Tree encounters people from all backgrounds who speak positive words over his life. Even though he is his own man, the people on the negative side of the fence seem to always attract him.

His time is running short and Tree feels with the help of prayer and God on his side he can make it in a working society when released. Something he is not accustomed too by far. Will he make it or will the love for the streets cause him to return to hustling when faced with adversity? Whatever his choice may be; Tree knows he must make the right decisions or lose his freedom and what matters most to him, Audumn.


Life has its ups and downs for Audumn on the North side of Houston, Texas. Everything is going her way outside her home, but inside her home, her boyfriend Tree is running her through the wringer. Everybody knows Tree is a bad influence in her life but love continually blinds her from the truth. After her mother becomes ill with cancer, she has to choose between her love for Tree or the love for her mother whom she hasn’t seen in over seven years. A big fight after her graduation in Beaumont, Texas is what caused the separation. Can she make the right choice or will the life of living in the fast lane deprive her of it? No matter what she decides, Audumn knows deep down inside it’s time for a change. Hopefully, before all fails, God will make Himself known to her before it’s too late. But will Tree let her go?